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Australian Marine Conservation Society

Fish guide for consumers

Australian Sustainable Seafood Guide

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Law Essentials & the fishing and wholesaling businesses of Gladstone

Economic impacts of Gladstone Port development on fishing and related businesses

Compensation policy in relation to impacts on fishing and land-based dependent businesses of Gladstone Port development

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Department of Environment and Conservation, Government of Papua New Guinea

The reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by a cessation of logging of native forests in Papua New Guinea

The economics of land-use change and associated greenhouse gas emissions in Papua New Guinea

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Commonwealth Department of Environment, Canberra

Economic impacts of marine protected areas on fishing and related businesses

Compensation policy for fisheries and land-based dependent businesses as a result of an increase in protected areas in the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park


AusAID, Canberra

Measurement of development progress in PNG 

A statistical and graphical presentation of economic, health, education, infrastructure, natural resource and governance indicators, from independence to the present


Asian Development Bank

Development progress and in Tuvalu

Preparation of Tuvalu Economic Report

Reported as: Colin Hunt, Bruce Knapman and Malcolm Ponton, 2002. Tuvalu 2002 Economic and Public Sector Review, Asian Development Bank, Manila, pp. 226. ISBN 971-561-459-0.



National certification Scheme Working Group, Papua New Guinea

Viability of small-scale forestry

Financial feasibility of forest certification for small scale forestry in PNG



Development of Pacific marine resources

The capture of national and local sustainable benefits from Pacific marine resources



Development of Pacific forestry resources

The contribution of forestry to development in selected Pacific Island countries


Coffee Industry Corporation of Papua New Guinea

Coffee industry management, Papua New Guinea

Study of the coffee managed sector in Papua New Guinea: The state of the sector and measures for its rehabilitation


Papua New Guinea National Fisheries Authority

Impact of fish aggregating devices

Study on fish aggregating devices: their deployment, their costs and benefits and the policy implications.


International Institute for Environment and Development (IIED) and international donors

Private sector’s role in sustainable forestry

Production, privatisation and preservation in Papua New Guinea forestry

Reported in C. Hunt (Editor), 2002. Production, Privatisation and Preservation in Papua New Guinea Forestry, Instruments for sustainable private sector forestry series, International Institute for Environment and Development, London, pp.126. ISBN 1 1899825 89 4.



World Bank/WWF Fiji

Investigation of (1) organisation, (2) economics and finance, and (3) marketing, of small-scale community timber producer groups throughout PNG

A future for our forests.

Reported in C. Hunt, P. Chatterton, Y. Bun, K. Whimp and P. Eddowes (Editors), 1999. A future for Our Forests, WWF, Fiji. ISBN 982-358-003-0.



Minister for National Planning, Government of Papua New Guinea

Input to development planning for the year 2000 National Budget of the Morauta government.

Review of development planning for the year 2000 National Budget.


Department of Agriculture and Livestock, Government of Papua New Guinea

Preparation of the financial and social evaluation of a proposed agro-forestry project in Gulf Province.

Economic and Financial Analysis of Purari-Vailala Oil Palm Development Proposal guarantee.


Copra Marketing Board of Papua new Guinea

A report on the organisational benefits of amalgamation of research and extension in the two smallholder-based industries

Rationalisation of Cocoa and Coconut Research and Extension


AusAID/Papua New Guinea Department of Health/Sagric

A statistical analysis of an attitudinal survey of health workers to AIDS

Report on a Survey of Knowledge of and Attitudes to HIV/AIDS among Eastern Highlands Health Workers.


National Capital Development Commission of Papua New Guinea

Study in collaboration with Dr James Wangi, Chief Epidemiologist, Papua New Guinea Department of Health, centred on establishing a link between the in-situ environments of the Motu villagers in the NCD and their health status.


Health Hazards and Waste Disposal Study of the Motu Villages of NCDC.

Reported in C. Hunt, 1998. Pacific Development Sustained, Asia/pacific Press, ANU. ISBN 07315 2383 0.




A practical, in-service training tool - for officials in environment departments, forestry departments and financial institutions, as well as for teachers and NGOs.

Development of a training manual for the Pacific in financing environmental management

Published as: M. Keen and C. Hunt (Editors), 1998. Financing Environmental Management, Training Manual, South Pacific Regional Environment Programme, Apia.


Australian Council for International Agricultural Research (ACIAR)

Assessing the project’s output in terms of its success and potential success in conserving marine and forest environments and secondly, in terms of the quality of the written material.

Review of ACIAR Project 9020, Forest Conservation in Vanuatu


ESCAP/Island- Australia Program/ANUTECH

Identifying the economic potential for

seafood exports by Pacific Island based businesses

Strengthening the Seafood Export Capabilities of Selected South Pacific Island Countries

Reported in: C. Hunt et al., 1996. Promoting Exports of Fish and Fish Products in Selected Island Developing Countries of the Escap Region, Studies in Trade and Investment No 20, United Nations, New York. ISSN 1020-3516




The economic, financial, political and environmental implications of trust funds.

A study of the trust funds of Tuvalu, Kiribati and Nauru




Asian Development Bank/Solomon Islands Government/Hassals

Economics of Solomon Islands cattle industry – smallholder and industry

Review of Solomon Islands smallholder cattle industry


Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority, Townsville

Preparation of strategic plan

The Planning Team, 1994. A 25-year Strategic Plan for the Great Barrier Reef World Heritage Area, Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority, Townsville. ISBN 0 642 17412 1.